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If you are a fantasy baseball die hard or just the everyday baseball loving fan then prepare yourself for the perfect fantasy baseball experience. Unlike traditional fantasy baseball leagues that last the entire season and require a lot time and focus, Fantasy Aces offers one-day fantasy baseball leagues where your can draft a new team any day you wish to play, and compete against other Fantasy Aces members for real cash prizes! These contests are fast and easy to join. Drafting a team is simple and take minutes to complete, and if you beat your opponent(s) for that day, you win and take home the cash prize instantly! You can pick any player you want, as long as you fill every required roster position and stay under the $50,000 daily fantasy baseball salary cap.

Roster Positions : (2)Pitcher (1)Catcher (2)1B/3B (2)2B/SS (3)OF (1)UTL  ( see image below )

NOTE: You may choose up to five hitters from one team.

Now you can pack the excitement of draft day and the nail-biting experience of competing for the fantasy championship prize any day professional baseball games are played. As mentioned above, these daily fantasy baseball contests run pretty much every day, however there are no daily commitments. Season long fantasy baseball leagues take a long term commitment and requires a ton of focus, however, with Fantasy Aces, you can simply show up and play any day you like with zero future obligations. There is a strategy required as elite players come at a heavy price tag, so you will have to balance your roster to stay under the fantasy aces salary cap. Salaries are constantly changing and updating as the season progresses and some players perform well and others go ice cold, therefore you will see frequent changes in players salary value. Contests are easy to join and entering the draft is just one click away. You can play in free contests just to talk smack and brag about your win, or put some skin in the game and play other members for real cash. You can also create your own private daily league and invite your friends to join. In our draft lobby you will find contests ranging from a 2 players (Head to Head style) and all the way up to a large prize pool contests with 100+ players where the top 15% - 20% win a nice chunk of the total prize pool. It's a fantasy baseball adrenaline rush and you will love it!

Best Roster Setup in the DFS Industry!

Yes we said it! THE BEST ROSTER SETUP IN DFS FOR BASEBALL!  No other site offers you the roster flexibility like Fantasy Aces! Let us explain: We allow you the ability to use 2 Interior Infielders (2B/SS) and 2 corner infielders (1B/3B). This brings more variance to the playing field and also gives you more options on days where a certain position like 1B is lacking the talent. You can simply draft 2 Third Baseman and the same scenario goes for the 2B/SS positions. Pairing this flexibility with 2 Pitchers, 3 Outfielders, 1 Cather, and a Utility Player makes for the best roster construction in DFS, PERIOD! 

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice

Fantasy Aces Player Scouting Tool

We have a brand new research tool called SCOUT to help you study players statistics and performances! This daily fantasy research tool was crafted to help our members study baseball players performances and also "scout" certain players that you may want to keep an eye on when  drafting a fantasy team. You can break down all major stats and even sort through specific time frames. It is extremely easy to use and will help you when you are drafting your fantasy baseball roster. We highly recommend you stop by our SCOUT PAGE and try it out. All you do is click the scout button on any player that you want to add to your list. This scout list will be accessible for you when drafting your team, and any player that you scout will also have the scout icon next to his name. It's easy and guaranteed to help you stay organized when drafting your daily fantasy baseball roster.

Another unique feature about Fantasy Aces daily fantasy baseball is our awesome draft page design. Do You want to feel like an MLB Baseball manager calling all the shots? Or do you want to have the birds eye view of your baseball organization and sort through players and salaries like an MLB General Manager? If so, then Fantasy Aces is right in your wheel-house! View the image below the get a quick sample of our draft page. As you can see, The player list you select from is at the bottom of the page, with every statistic available to sort through. Once a player is drafted, he will show up on the field view and your lineup card to the right.

one day fantasy baseball contest


You can add and drop players with ease by clicking the X button on any of the three windows ( Field, Player List, Lineup Card ). At any time before a daily fantasy contest begins, you can go back into the draft page and make last minute edits to your fantasy team. As you may already know, real baseball lineups are officially released about 1 - 2 hours before game begin so you always want to keep an eye on players you selected as they may be a late scratch to a game. Here is some good news! You will see an (S) icon next to layers starting ( see Clayton Kershaw ) as soon as we receive the starter feed from our stat provider. The starter icon (S) will show up next to the athletes name in the selector grid and will also be in view on the field. 

Is your money safe?

ABSOLUTELY! Playing daily fantasy leagues is legal as fantasy sports was excluded from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 because it is proven to be a game of skill. Fantasy Aces, LLC is a US based company and our players funds are held in a segregated bank account. You can deposit and withdraw your winnings through PayPal which is quick and convenient. 

So now that you have heard about the best new way to play fantasy baseball, DAILY FOR CASH, it is time to get you started on this exciting opportunity! 


• Make sure to read our GAMEPLAY BASICS page to give you the full rundown on joining a contest, drafting your team, and watching your team score points on the scoreboard. Feel free to check out the rest of our daily fantasy sports leagues on our homepage. If you still need help then simply email support with your questions and we will try to get back to you with a quick response. We would even be happy to jump on a phone call with you and give you an over-the-phone tutorial!

This is the 2013 video tutorial - New version coming soon for the 2014  MLB season!


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