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If you are looking for an adrenaline packed fantasy basketball experience then look no further! Fantasy Aces offers Daily Fantasy Basketball contests for real cash! These one day fantasy leagues on FantasyAces.com are simple to play and drafting your fantasy rosters takes minutes to complete. These contests run every day NBA games are scheduled throughout the entire basketball season. You can use your fantasy basketball skills to compete for real cash versus other Fantasy Aces members. All you have to focus on is drafting your team. There are no daily commitments to play. You simply show up and play games whenever you want. Drafting your fantasy basketball team take minutes as we offer a salary cap format. You have a $45,000 Salary Cap to spend on 9 player positions. ( 3 Guards, 3 Forwards, 1 Center, and 2 Utility) This Salary Cap draft is simple, however this is where you need to use your fantasy basketball knowledge to strategize for a winning lineup. As seen above, you use the player list to select your player and place them on the court. All of the stat columns are sortable so you can filter through player stats to find the right athlete for your basketball roster. One of the most important stats to pay attention to besides FPPG ( Fantasy Points Per Game ) is minutes played. If you want to break a specific player down then you can click on the players name from the player list on the draft page to bring up his player card (see image below) which will give you a game by game breakdown. Want to break down stats even more and build a custom list of players to focus on when you are drafting your team? Look no further! Visit the SCOUT PAGE to use Fantasy Aces daily fantasy research tool to get started! 


Daily Fantasy NBA


Daily Fantasy NBA

How is Daily Fantasy Basketball Different? 

Like we said above, these games are daily. You can draft a fantasy team for one day and if you beat your opponents by scoring more fantasy points then you win the cash prize! We are packing the thrill of the draft and the nail biting excitement of your fantasy basketball championship into one day! We all play fantasy sports to win, right? How many times have you drafted a great team but ended up falling short of the Fantasy Championship? You put in months of work work altering your fantasy roster every day and you didn't make a dime! Not to mention all the hassles that come with season long fantasy leagues. Should we name a few? Members of your league don't show up for the draft and want to call their picks in, or better than that, the same one that calls his pick in never pays his dues and the pot ends up short a few hundred dollars. Now someone has to hunt this guy down for money. Funky waiver wire order. Fishy trades that don't get vetoed by the commissioner..... Ok that is enough of that! So why waste all that time? Now you can cut to the chase and compete for  cash payouts whenever you want. Daily Fantasy Basketball is taking over the fantasy world so you better get with the times and start making some money with you fantasy basketball skills! We take care of everything for you so all you have to focus on is putting together a winning lineup. Just join a contest on our homepage, which is public so anyone in the US or Canada that creates a Fantasy Aces account and becomes a member can play against you. You can also create private games and even invite your friends to battle for some quick cash!

View our video tutorial on joining a contest and drafting a fantasy basketball team.

Fantasy Aces Scouting

Our Scout Page will dramatically help you narrow down the players you want to draft. This page is an in depth list of NBA players and statistics. You can sort not only through all of the player stats but you can also sort through specific time frames. We highly recommend you start building your scout list as this same list of player will be made available to you when you are drafting your daily fantasy team. If money is on the line then you better take the extra time to do some research and this SCOUT tool is exactly what you need to increase your winning success on Fantasy Aces!

Is your money safe?

ABSOLUTELY! Playing daily fantasy basketball is legal as fantasy sports was excluded from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 because it is proven to be a game of skill. We are a US based company and our players funds are held in a segregated bank account. You can deposit and withdraw your winnings through PayPal which is quick and convenient. 


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