Daily Fantasy Football

Daily Fantasy Football

Playing Daily & Weekly Fantasy Football on Fantasy Aces

Are you looking to spice up your fantasy football life? Are you the self-proclaimed fantasy football guru that dominates your fantasy league year after year and now you want to make some serious cash by utilizing your fantasy football talents?  Then look no further! Fantasy Aces has exactly what you need to turn your boring season long fantasy life into an adrenaline packed fantasy football experience! Our Fantasy Football contests last just one day (Sunday) or one full week (Thursday - Monday). These daily & weekly fantasy football contests are easy to join and there is a very small learning curve, especially if you have been playing in the traditional season-long leagues with your friends. Our unique daily fantasy sports platform allows you to enter contests against other Fantasy Aces members ranging from $1 - $500 per entry. There are no limits! You can enter as many contests as you like and even draft multiple fantasy teams too! Of course, if you are not quite ready to wager some cash then you can join a free fantasy football contest to get your feet wet! Oh, and did we mention it's legal too? Yup, it's considered to be a legal alternative to online gambling! 

What are the main differences? 

As mentioned above, these contest last for one day or 1 week of NFL scheduling. This means that you are able to join a contest of your choosing and draft a team for that week only for a shot at winning some real money instantly. This way you don't get stuck with the same players all year and if you draft a winning team then you will be paid the very same day the games end. Basically, we are packing the thrill of the draft, and the nail-biting excitement of playing in the fantasy football championship for the cash prize, all in the very same day! You don't have to wait around the whole season. You don't have to bug the commish to send you the prize money, and you definitely don't have to hunt down the guys in your league that never paid their entry fees! We pay you as soon as the games on the NFL schedule are over... It's a beautiful thing!

You are able to join a variety of different contest formats to fit your needs, ranging from 2 players to 100+ players. We recommend viewing the contests details (clicking anywhere on the contest bar) before officially entering a game. Below is a quick look of the fantasy contests we offer. View complete contest and scoring info here

WINNER TAKE ALL (WTA) Various size entries - 1st place winner takes the full prize payout. HEAD TO HEAD or (H2H) Very simple:  2 users go Head to Head - the winner walks away with all the cash. 50/50 DOUBLE UP Various even numbered entries between 4 -100 users. (The top 50% of the contest will split the prize pool evenly. Example: 10 man Double Up - Top 5 split the prize pool.) TOP 2 - Various sizes entries - The Top 2 win a percentage of the total prize pool (1st Place 65% of prize pool  2nd Place 35% prize pool) TOP 3 - Various sizes entries - The Top 3 win a percentage of the total prize pool (1st Place 50% of prize pool - 2nd Place 30% prize pool - 3rd Place 20% of prize pool) QUALIFIERS - You can win a ticket entry to a future contest for a fraction of the normal entry price! GREAT VALUE!  TOURNAMENT  GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pools) 12 - 5000 entries (broad prize pool payouts between the Top 10% - 20%) 

Salary-Cap Draft

The other major difference is that you can draft a fantasy football roster in minutes with Fantasy Aces Salary-Cap Draft format! We have all been there before... an offline snake draft at your commissioners house where you have to dig through the sticker pile and paste your players on a draft board. Yes, these can be very enjoyable but when you are in 3 or more fantasy football leagues like most of us are, these live drafts with your friends can drive you nuts. You want to get in, draft your team, and get the heck out of there. You already spent 3 months doing all of your fantasy football research and you know exactly who you want to draft, right? But the draft goes on for hours and hours and you are pulling your hair out every time someone goes over the draft timer. Well, this wont happen of FantasyAces.com. Drafting your fantasy football team is simple and can be pulled off in minutes. With our salary-cap draft you are able to pick who you want, however you wont be able to draft every elite players as they come with an expensive price tag and will eat up a pretty hefty chuck of your spending cash. So this is where your fantasy sports research can earn your some serious pay dirt as you will have to find a few sleeper picks to balance out your fantasy roster. You start with a $55,000 salary-cap to spend on your fantasy football team, consisting of 11 roster positions. Fantasy Aces has developed a roster format that is flexible and offers a variety of different strategies for you when drafting. Positions: 2 Quarterbacks, 2 Running Backs, 2 Wide Receivers, 2 Flex, 1 Tight End, 1 Defense/Special Team, & 1 Kicker. You can strategize a number a different ways with the salary cap. Do you want to spend big on QB's like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees and find some value plays are the RB and WR position? Or maybe you want to take a balanced approach and draft solid middle-tier players that always produce solid points. With 2 Flex positions,  you will now have the capabilities to draft heavy and go with 4 stud running backs, go deep with 4 Wide outs, or just take the balanced approach. You can even draft a tight end at the flex position! Remember, your opponent(s) can draft the same players too so the flex positions will create more variance in the game.


Daily Fantasy Sports















Notice in the above image of our Fantasy Football Draft Page that you have a sortable football statistics grid, so you have dig into some daily fantasy football research while drafting. Need a better breakdown on a specific player? Simply click on the players name to bring up his player card and get a breakdown on his recent production. Take a look below at Matt Forte's player card. You see his full breakdown in the 2013 Quick Glance window at the top right, and below you can look at his past 5 week of fantasy production.

Weekly Fantasy Football

Weekly Fantasy Football

Oh, we almost forgot to tell you! Every week Matt Forte sponsors his very own fantasy football contest every weekend! This is a large contests consisting of 135 members and the Top 20 spots get paid, including the 1st Place prize of $367! That a pretty nice payout for only a $12.50 entry price! 

So now that you have heard about the best new way to play fantasy football, DAILY FOR CASH, it is time to get you started on this exciting opportunity! 


Make sure to read our GAMEPLAY BASICS page to give you the full rundown on joining a contest, drafting your team, and watching your team score points on the scoreboard. If you still need help then simply email support with your questions and we will try to get back to you with a quick response. We would even be happy to jump on a phone call with you and give you an over-the-phone tutorial!

Daily Fantasy Sports?