Gameplay Basics - Overview


  • Enter a contest

  • Draft a team

  • Track live scores


  • You can enter contests in the GAME LOBBY, located on our HOME PAGE.
  • Use [FILTERS] to narrow down your options.
  • Click the [DRAFT] button to proceed to the DRAFT LOBBY where you can build your lineup.


You are the Manager of a professional sports team for 1 day. You are given a $50,000 salary cap to spend on building your winning lineup. Every athlete has been given a specific salary based on FantasyAces own in-depth player analysis.

Take your time and fine tune your roster based on your own strategy. Once you've put together your best lineup and are ready to take the field, click [SAVE MY ROSTER] to turn in your lineup card and officially enter the contest againts other Fantasy Aces members!

Watch a walk-through of the draft process!

You may edit your roster any time before the game begins. To do this, go to MY ACCOUNT > GAMES and click the [EDIT] button for the lineup you wish to change. You can also access all of your upcoming games in the MEMBER QUICKLOOK window on Desktop. If you have already drafted a team, you can use the [IMPORT] button to instantly access your rosters on the draft page.

Once you have saved your fantasy roster, you can instantly enter the same roster into multiple fantasy contests by selecting [EXPORT] in the contest confirmation window. This will dramatically help you during draft day, especially if the clock is winding down and you only have minutes to draft your fantasy team.


  • View your teams progress by clicking [SCORES] in the MEMBER QUICKLOOK window conveniently located on the right side of the HOME PAGE, and for moblile phones go to MY ACCOUNT > GAMES. Just like traditional fantasy sports games, scores will auto-update throughout the course of the live games based on your drafted players statistical performance. The live statistical feeds are swiftly updated by a 3rd party sports data provider.
  • You can track your fantasy teams points as well as view how you are sizing up against your competition in the STANDINDS window. Here you can see your current rank in the fantasy contest as well as the cash prize you will win if you hold that position. If your teams scores in the payout ranks, you will see your cash winnings deposited in to your Fantasy Aces account shortly after the live games are settled. We will aslo notify you via email that you have won your fantasy contest. It's that simple!
  • From here you can enter more fantasy contest anytime you like, and with zero commitments, or request a cash withdrawal through PayPal that will be processed within 24-48 hours! You can make some serious cash without waiting around an entire season! This is by far the most exciting way to play fantasy sports! You can win real cash every single day playing daily fantasy baseball & basketball, and every weekend playing daily fantasy football during the NFL season!


An exclusive FantasyAces game format that features a "flex" salary cap, opening an array of roster-building options. If you have the ability to scout the low cost, high ROI talent just like a professional general manager, this game is perfect for you. That's because you earn bonus points when your total team payroll falls under the cap, so you start your daily fantasy contest with a head start.

SalaryPro also allows you to go over the salary cap, but you will be penalized potentially valuable fantasy points to begin the game. That means you can spend big on multiple elite players as long as you are willing to sacrifice some points.

Take a look at the SalaryPro scoring details to learn more.
We highly recommend you sample SalaryPro in one of our weekly free rolls for the chance at some free cash!



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