Gameplay Basics - Rules

REGISTRATION DATA  - STATE RESTRICTIONS -  ACCOUNT SECURITY is available to persons who are 18 years and older (21 or older in Massachusetts) who have properly registered and who have not been suspended or removed by FantasyAces for any reason and who are legal residents of one (1) of the fifty (50) United States. Residents of Nevada, Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Hawaii, Virginia and Washington are prohibited from depositing money. Account Holders agree to (a) provide accurate, current and complete information as may be prompted by any registration forms on the Site (“Registration Data”); (b) maintain the security of your password; (c) maintain and promptly update the Registration Data, and any other information you provide to Fantasy Aces, and to keep it accurate, current and complete; and (d) accept all risks of unauthorized access to the Registration Data and any other information you provide to Fantasy Aces. You are responsible for all activity on your Fantasy Aces Account, and for all charges incurred by your Fantasy Aces Account. Accounts are void where prohibited by law. Fantasy Aces reserves the right to revoke or prohibit your Account for any reason at any time, without notice, but, in particular, upon any violation of any of these Terms or the Privacy Policy. You understand that your user name and profile picture will be publicly available and that search engines may index your user name and profile photo.


You may not use any profane or offensive content within your username or account. By decision of our staff, we may ask that you change the content on your profile. Users are also prohibited from registering and playing under multiple accounts. Accounts found to be operating under the same individual or group of individuals will be suspended and funds may be retained if found to be fraudantly obtained.


Prior to the start of all contest, there will be set prize payouts based on the specific contest format. The prizes or sizes of the contests do not change when a contest is creates and available to the public. Certain games may cancel if they are not guaranteed to run and do not fill 100%. Games may be immediately canceled and recreated if an error occurs in the creation and loading of a certain game. All prizes and awards offered to winning participants are established and made known to the participants in advance of the contest and their value is not determined by the number of participants or the amount of any fees paid by those participants. The statistical scoring system created by FantasyAces will be available to view in the game details, along with the payout structure, both prior to a contest entered. The prizes are 100% based on the statistical scoring system and a live and accurate statistical feed from real professional games played. The live statistical feeds are provided by our 3rd party provider, SportsRadar. Payouts will be rewarded to the users that create a winning team and prizes paid out based on our statistical scoring system. Users that receive a cash prize for winning a paid contest will receive deposits shortly after the contest settle. To insure accuracy with scoring, we will wait for the final statistical results from our data provider before we proceed with the payouts. In some cases, there may be extended delays of up to 24-48 hours due to official statistical changes. Any delays are to insure statistical scoring and the integrity of FantasyAces scoring format.


Fantasy Aces offers guaranteed and non-guaranteed contests. Guaranteed contests are contests that will run no matter what even if the contest does not fill. These contests are indicated by saying "Guaranteed" in the contest title. Our highlighted contests are also always guaranteed. All other contests are considered non-guaranteed. If non-guaranteed contests are not 100% filled by the designated start times then the contest will be canceled and your entry fee will be refunded back to your account. 


When two or more entries are tied with the same amount of points, the prize money is split between them. However, there are exceptions.

Survivor Games

When breaking ties for entries that will move on to the next round, the entry with the highest scoring player (including D/ST) that is uniquely owned wins. This means that if you both have the same high scoring player, you move on to each entry's second highest scoring player to break the tie, and so on.

Qualifiers (satellites are not included in this)
For positions that are paid out tickets and that end in a tie, there will be tiebreakers. 

The first tie breaker is that the entry with the highest scoring player (including D/ST) that is uniquely owned wins. This means that if you both have the same high scoring player, you move on to each entry's second highest scoring player to break the tie, and so on. 

If a tie occurs with identical lineups, a future match will be set up for the teams that are tied. This match will be of the same sport and contest type (Classic/SalaryPro). FantasyAces will contact each player with the details of this match and when it will take place.

In the event of a tie for the last satellite ticket in a prize pool, there will be a cash prize split amongst the players in the tiebreaker, equivalent to the value of the ticket(s). No ticket will be awarded.


All drafted lineups are locked and deemed final at the scheduled contest start time. You are solely responsible for all drafting decisions. It is your responsibility to draft your team and make edits to your rosters prior to the designated contest set start times. We recommend making all of your last minute changes to your roster at least 10 minutes prior to the FantasyAces designated contest start times. Please contact support if you experience any technical issues.

Edits to one’s lineup cannot be made after the start of a contest. FantasyAces is not at fault for mistakes made to your drafted lineups. Users should immediately send an inquiry to to address any problems experienced with the functionality of the draft lobby.


Users may unregister from any contest at anytime up to 20 minutes before contest start times. Users will NOT be allowed to unregister from a contest that has already filled. 

To withdraw from a contest, view the "My Games" page. Each game you are entered in and meets the eligibility requirements above will feature a red "Cancel" button that can be used to remove that entry from the contest. If you have any difficulties, please email for assistance on withdrawing entries.


In the event that a game is postponed/cancelled before the game starts, players drafted from that game will not be awarded any fantasy points.

MLB:Fantasy Aces abides by official scoring from SportsRadar API in accordance with MLB rules and includes all games that MLB deems to be “regulation” games. If MLB rules a game “suspended” then the statistics accumulated the day of the original, scheduled game will be used. Due to the nature of Daily Fantasy, any statistics accumulated at a later date when the suspended game is completed will not be included.*


Double-headers are common in MLB. Fantasy Aces will in no instance combine statistics from players playing in a double-header. The statistics scored for a player playing in a double header will be taken from the game that was originally scheduled for that contest. Based on the start times of a double-header, these games may be included in a split-slate of MLB contests (one early, one late) but never included in the same slate.


We accept payment via PayPal, MasterCard,Visa, and Discover. Should you have any issues placing a deposit, please email us at and we'll try to assist.

Users may withdraw funds at any time through the Cashier page. Our withdrawal policy is to first refund any of the original deposits made, then issue the remaining balance back through PayPal that will be processed within 2-3 business days from the date of the users request. Withdrawal by check will take up to 15 days to process and will only be an option for withdrawals over $100. Anytime throughout the withdrawal process FantasyAces may request information such as Drivers Licnese, Proof of residency or any other form of documenation in order to validate and verify completion of the withdrawal process. 

For members achieving net winnings totaling $600 or more within the calendar year, we require a social security number and valid personal information for tax filling purposes.

* FantasyAces defines net winnings as (winnings - entry fees)


Membership is free. offers a Fantasy Sports Service and charges a service fee for entry to any paid fantasy sports contests. Most contest fees ranges between 6% - 10% of a paid entry. Some tournaments may range between 11%-20% or higher.


Anytime your referral enters a paid contest, you will be paid at the end of every month on 20% or our service fees. In order to qualify for the referral program, a user must play at least one paid game per month to receive the referral bonus.


You will see your bonus balance is separate from your cash balance. We deposit your bonus balance into your cash balance in increments every time you play a paid contest. This "increment" is 5% of a paid contest entry or 50% of our service fee, which will be redistributed from your bonus balance to your cash balance every time you enter a paid contest. Once the funds are in your cash balance they can be used for contest entry. 


Users can accumulate Fantasy Aces Member Points as they enter cash contests! Users can redeem member points to enter select Member Points contests, which are designated in the contest lobby by a green circle with "MP". To use member points to enter these contests, simply open the draft page of the contests and select the "Use Member Points" checkbox before saving your team! Please note, this member points checkbox will not be visible if you do not have the available points required to enter that contest. You can view your member point balance and activity at any time here. 


It is at our discretion to remove any guaranteed game from the lobby that has zero entries/no interest in the contest. This will typically happen around 2 hours before game lock time.


Sharing lineups and or selling lineups is prohibited. This applies to a player or a company creating a full lineup and sharing it or selling to to another player. We ask that our members respect this rule. Continued disregard of this policy may result in a a suspension of ones account.


We prohibit the following from playing on our platform: Any member, officer, employee or agent of an operator or registrant; any spouse, child, brother, sister or parent residing as a member of the same household in the principal place of abode of any member, officer, employee or agent of an operator or registrant; any individual with access to non-public confidential information about contests; any amateur or professional athlete whose performance may be used to determine the outcome of a contest; any sports agent, team employee, referee, or league official associated with any sport or athletic event on which contests are based; any individual located in a state where the conduct of contests is expressly prohibited; or any minor.


We prohibit the use of thrid-party scripts or scripting programs for any contests we offer. The use of these programs shall result in a temporary ban from our website and could result in a permanant ban.


Contests are final once user confirms entry to contest and the contests begins. No refunds will be issued for scratched or injured players. No refunds will be issued for postponed/suspended games. Only if a postponed game causes there to be only 1 game remaining in a contest, then those contests be cancelled and entries refunded. 


Minors are prohibited from playing any contest. if a minor has participated in any contests, we shall promptly, within no more than two business days, refund any deposit received from the minor, whether or not the minor has engaged in or attempted to engage in a contest; provided, however, that any refund may be offset by any prizes already awarded.
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