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NAME POS TEAM SALARY GP FPPG Att Comp PaTD PaYds Int Comp% TD% Att RuYds Ru20+ RuAVG RuTD RuTD% Tar Rec ReYds Re20+ ReAVG ReTD ReTD% FuReTD 2Pt Fum FumLost DefInt Sck FumR DefTD Sfty Blk 2ptRetTd PtsAllowed

• Research Players    • Breakdown Stats    • Build Your Scout List

How it works: Simply select the players you want to add to your scout list and they will show up in the draft!

FANTASY ACES SCOUTING SYSTEM - Now you have all the tools you need with Fantasy Aces Daily Fantasy Scouting System. We have a customizable player grid for each sport for you to research players you want to draft on your daily fantasy lineups. If you are tired of jumping around from site to site for daily fantasy research then this page is right in your wheelhouse! This will give you the ability to analyze professional athletes performances for football, baseball, and basketball more thoroughly by breaking down every statistical category. But that is only the half of it... Not only do you have all the major stats available to sort through, you can also research specific time periods. Now there will be no need to bounce around the web to find answers to questions like: Who has hit the most RBIs in the last 7 days? What Tight End has seen the most targets in the last 3 weeks? Or what NBA players has the most assists in the months of December? When using Fantasy Aces Scouting System you will be able to save players to your very own fantasy scout list. But this is not even the best part about Fantasy Aces Scout Page!!! After doing your statistical research you will be able to save players to your very own scout list. This list will then seamlessly transfer over to the draft page. So when you are drafting your fantasy football roster on Sundays or hitting the daily grind with fantasy baseball and basketball, you will now have a customize list of player that you have personally scouted. You will obviously still have the normally draft features accessible to sort through while drafting. There will simply be the added feature of viewing your scout list from the draft just like you would do if you only want to view Quarterbacks for your football draft. There will now be a SCOUT tab so you can focus on selecting your fantasy players from this list you customized from our scout page.  No more note pads! Just add players to your scout list. This tool can become lethal to your fantasy opponents, especially if you take the time to find players that are on a hot streak but are still priced out with a cheap salary. If you play our ground breaking SalaryPro format then the Scout feature will work wonders for you!